Asalamu Alaykum!

As I write this in 2021, I’ve decided to close this website and the posts. You can read ‘about me’ below and the aspirations I had for this website. But you can still find me on my main website at Pepper and Pine.  I may come back to this site with new inspiration in the future!

Asalamu Alaykum!

My name is Hana! Welcome to Homeschooling for Muslims. A place for me to share Islamic arts & crafts, tutorials and lessons for the Muslim homeschooling family. You don’t homeschool? That’s ok! You’ll find plenty of activities to enhance your children’s learning experience.

I’m a California mama of four kids. The first three being boys. I was a mom of boys for 12 years before my princess came along. She’s now 5 years old! I was virtually absent from all things online until last year when my I launched my main channel and website Pepper and Pine. It’s become my 5th baby! I’ve shared everything from crafts, recipes and of course homeschool information on my main channel, and website, and I am thrilled to be expanding the vision to include a site and channel specifically dedicated to all the Islamic inspired arts & crafts and education we do in our home.

I welcome you wholeheartedly to my new venture, and truly hope you find these posts and tutorials inspiring 🙂