Unique Ramadan Decoration | Wood Burning Project

Here’s a unique Ramadan project you can alter to suit any holiday or occasion (like a wedding or baby shower). There are a few variations on this project I didn’t explain in the video that can simplify it so that if you don’t have a wood burning tool or a Silhouette Cameo, you can get the same results.

For this project I used my Silhouette Cameo to design the template. I cut the image on contact paper to make my stencil. I placed the stencil on a wood block that’s available at crafts stores like Michaels and Dick Blick. I traced the stencil using a pencil. You could fill in the letters with the pencil and skip the wood burning process all together and it would look wonderful and be a lot easier and faster. Likewise, if you didn’t have a digital cutter, you could use letter stickers to trace your title. You could then fill it in with pencil or wood burn it with the wood burning tool that’s available at Michaels, Dick Blick and other craft stores.

This was a time consuming project, but one that will last for years, even with wear and tear.

Level: Moderate
Age: 7 and above with adult supervision
Cost: less than $12 (assuming you already have the tools)

**Do not leave the wood burning tool unattended**

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