Day 1 of Ramadan | Ramadan Scrapbook

So I’m a little behind. I kind of wish I had at least journaled every day so I would know what to write for each day of my Ramadan Scrapbook. But that’s ok, too. At least I’m still doing this within in the month of Ramadan! I was playing around with the extra banner pieces from the Eid Banner when it came together beautifully on a kraft colored card with gold foil. I added some gold glitter tape and a chipboard ‘Love’ in scripty handwriting, and I loved this title card. I knew I wanted to use it right away and fortunately these colors worked well with the colors of the pictures for Day 1. I added a gold foiled acetate circle with the number 1 in it and added letter stickers to spell out ‘day’. My printer was giving me so many problems that day…argh! And it’s new!! Patience for little things trains you to have patience for big things. Though, I think it’s the other way around for me…now I’m getting outside myself! Back to the craft that calms and inspired me. The rest of the page pretty much made itself. I added pics of my suhoor and my babies baking on the kitchen counter. Do you scrapbook your Ramadan? How’s it going so far?

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