Kids’ Version of the Seerah | Biography of the Prophet

This set of 20 paperback books, The Biography of the Noble Prophet by Lina Al-Keilany, is well written and easy to understand. It’s written at a 4th grade level. The books are workbook size and quality and are about 15 pages each. While each book can be purchased on its own for about $6, you can get the whole set including a sturdy box to hold the 20 books for about $100. This is definitely a pricey option for seerah books.

We use this set every Ramadan. It’s perfect for my kids to read on their own and understand it without much or any discussion. Each book can be read in about 30-45 minutes. My kids write an age-appropriate summary for each book.

I really like this set. It’s easy to read, nicely illustrated and broken up into smaller books. The decorative box is lovely and well-made.
The downside is largely the price. I think it’s excessive for the quality of book you’re getting. It’s simply made with a staple binding.

I purchased mine from NoorArt.
Do you own this set? Let me know how you like it.

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