DIY Prayer Chart | With Dua’ and Sunnah Inserts

Want to make your own Prayer Chart for your kids? Here’s a way to make one. I use 100% wool felt pieces from A Child’s Dream and sewed five pockets on a vertical piece of felt. I left enough space at the top to sew in a casing to slip in a dowel to provide sturdiness and a place to hang it.

I had letters for each word custom cut at Craft Cuts. This was a pricey splurge, but so worth it!

I then added the names of my kids to five clothespins each and wrote ‘done’ on the flip side. At the start of each day the names of each child are visible on the right side of the chart. As each prayer is completed, clothespin is shifted to the other side and flipped over to reveal the word ‘done’.

In each pocket you can add cards that indicate how many sunnah ruka are with each sunnah prayer, or you can add dua cards.

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