Ramadan Prep | Decorating for Ramadan

It’s that time of year again! Honestly, I don’t look forward to the actually decorating as much as the enjoying! But I remind myself every year when I pack away the decorations a few days after Eid, to make sure I put things back in a way that will make it easier for me to pull out the following year. This time, I made sure I had an ample supple of 3M foam adhesive for the plastic clips I use on the walls. At the same time, I also bought a set of lights or the backyard. This wasn’t just for festive decorations, it was a necessity, too. Beginning last year, we moved the food and eating outside. In order to do that, I purchased a couple more folding tables, some table clothes, lanterns, a water dispenser aaaand (drum roll, please…) bus boy trays! What are bus boy trays you ask? Well, they are the plastic tray/bins that are used in restaurants to clean up tables. Oh, I should mention we have been ‘disposable-free’ since 2005! I do have paper plates, utensils and cups on hand just in case, but since 2005, I have been building our supply of dishes so we don’t use disposables when we host events. Every year, I invest in something for Ramadan. Two years ago it was super pretty plastic dinner plates, bowl and cups from Target. They are aqua, and oh so pretty! I have enough to host a small wedding! Last year is was the tables, table clothes, water dispenser and bus boy trays, and this year it was outdoor lights and some new decorations. Some of them, you’ll get a glimpse of here in this video, but I have more videos coming up!

Back to decorating. Every year I also try to add one thing to our decorations. Two years ago, I made Ramadan Calendar from felt and wood veneer letters and numbers, last year I added new cards to the calendar and this year I got hot air balloon lanterns. I know hot air balloons don’t scream ‘Ramadan’, but they were big, festive and oh so lovely!

Don’t forget that for the whole month of Ramadan, I’ll be sending you projects to do with your kiddos. Just go to my new website for this channel and sign up for the newsletter.



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